Prince Fluffy Kareem


March 2012, Judith travelled to Egypt for the fluffy feet farrier project, and by doing what she does best she changed the lives of “Prince Fluffy Kareem” rescue horses.
Dr. Jude returned to Egypt March 4th – 16th 2013.

Dr Jude spent time treating more horses as well as run daily clinics for the local working horses and owners, where they will benefit from her knowledge and advice on how to improve the treatments they have currently.

Dr Jude is also conducted a spay/neuter program for the area’s many stable cats and dog’s as part of the program.

 Check out Dr Jude’s report, including many surgery pics here:!/media/set/?set=a.509146195797861.1073741829.198177013561449&type=1

 To find out more about “Prince Fluffy Kareem” or how you can help many rescue animals, please click here:

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