We have divided our dog trainer’s skills 3 ways to help dog owners as much as we can:

Start Time: 9am

Delinquent Dog School – PLEASE NOTE DATES BELOW.
Dangerous Dog – BY APPOINTMENT. Please read more below.

We have set dates for 2022. This allows us to provide the maximum number of trainers without clashing with their show and competition schedules.

Saturday 5th February 2022
Saturday 5th March 2022
Saturday 2nd April 2022
Saturday 7th May 2022
Saturday 4th June 2022
Saturday 2nd July 2022
Saturday 6th August 2022
Saturday 3rd September 2022
Saturday 1st October 2022
Saturday 12th November 2022 (2nd Saturday)
Saturday 3rd December 2022

ALL DELINQUENT DOGS and puppies start at 9.00 a.m at Farriervet Clinic. Please be signed in by 8.50 a.m. Cost – gold coin donation to Mardi-Chi Dingo Foundation. Age ~ 6 months & over.
Bring a lead, treats, check lead, halti or other training equipment you have. A delinquent dog is a dog that needs socialisation, training or retraining.

PUPPY SCHOOL – starting time is 9.00 a.m. Please book for this as we have specifically asked Kim Burke to teach this class and it is important that puppies are able to socialise with other puppies less than 6months of age. 2nd vaccination needed.
Remember it is 9.00am, alongside the Delinquents.

DANGEROUS dogs – are those you feel you cannot control. They may threaten or make you feel threatened, they may pull you over, chase stock and attack other animals or people. This type of problem dog needs assessment in a 1 on 1 training environment where variables are controlled. If you feel your dog is a bit too much to handle in a group our trainers want to help you. Appointments for assessment and training (it’s free) with Steve Burke can be made by phoning reception on (03) 5852 2000.