FARRIERVET offers a wide range of vet services:

Introducing Dr Anaban Ghosh – Orthopaedic Surgeon

Visiting orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Anaban Ghosh.

Dr. Ghosh has been working with us at Farriervet for more than 4 years. All consultations and procedures are performed at Farriervet, Lancaster. Surgeries include acute spinal, fractures, joints, hip deinervation, cranial cruciate ligament repair, TPLO, elbow dysplasia, soft palate, nares, gastric pexy etc.
Dr. Ghosh visits on a regular basis and will also travel to this clinic for emergencies if available.
The next scheduled visit is Wednesday 6th February 2019
Second opinion enquiries and quotes are welcome. 

Pricing policy – We give a single price quote with all follow ups and medications including consult, anaesthesia, fluids, surgery, medications and 4 x weekly post op checks with treatments given at these times included in the price. Farriervet and Dr. Ghosh are combining to provide specialist services to the country with one price to pay.

Contact the clinic for further enquiries or to make an appointment (03) 5852 2000.

Local and Regional Services

Equine, Canine & Feline just to name a few. We treat a broad range of animals, even rats!

Regional Services

We are a mobile service, servicing Central Northern Victoria including, but not limited to:

  • Rushworth
  • Nanneella
  • Bamawm
  • Lockington
  • Koyuga
  • Kotupna
  • Echuca Village
  • Murchison

Cat Days

Please call our friendly staff to find out more about our Cat Days, when you can take advantage of the cheaper rates for spays and castrations.
Upcoming Cat Days are announced on our Facebook page.


Discount Micro-chipping and animal health products are available.

Travel to Remote Areas

Animal Management in Indigenous communities

  • Central Desert
  • Barkly Shire

Dr Judith Mulholland provides many health programs and advice on animal management in these areas.
She also provides services including vaccinations, micro-chipping and desexing dogs in remote communities.

International Travel

Fluffy Prince Kareem Farrier Project www.princefluffykareem.co.uk