The Mardi-Chi Dingo Foundation

Mardi-Chi Dingo 2011-2013

The Mardi-Chi Dingo Foundation is a registered charity, which aims to promote animal welfare and to fund projects that promote the human/animal bond such as, since 2014, the annual Kiribati Dog Health Program.

The Mardi-Chi Dingo Foundation helps to educate the public about the need for this top-order predator in our ecosystems. They play an important role in helping us to preserve our fragile Australian ecosystems. The photo you are seeing is the dingo Mardi-Chi. 


Banka-Banka Dingo:  As a small puppy (pictured) he was rescued from the side of the road 70km north of Tennant Creek, N.T. Australia in 2013. Brought home to Victoria, he had a large wound on his back possibly as a result of an attack by an eagle or another dingo. The wound covered most of his back and required 2 surgeries, but was fully healed by the time he was 5 months of age. He now lives with Dr Jude Mulholland.

Waking up from surgery.

Donations to Mardi-Chi Dingo Foundation are used to fund projects such as the Kiribati Dog Health Program. Kiribati is a country in the Pacific of 50,000 people with many animals, few if any veterinary services and an overpopulation of unwanted dogs. The MARDI-CHI DINGO FOUNDATION will help to fund travel each year to conduct an animal health program that will involve de-sexing, worming & euthanasia of unwanted animals and the provision of as many veterinary services as possible.

How We Raise Money

Working with Beau Jangles Dog Grooming in Stanhope, VIC, we hold Dog Health Check Days periodically where donations can be made.

At the Farriervet Clinic we also conduct a monthly Puppy School and Delinquent Dog School. See our Delinquent Dogs page for details on the next session. Money raised by these activities is donated to the Mardi-Chi Dingo Foundation.

You can also simply drop a gold coin in the Mardi-Chi Dingo Foundation jar on the counter of Farriervet Clinic.

The 2016 Kiribati Dog Health Program Team:

From left: Leesa, Allison, Jude, Helen, Rosemary.